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Company Profile

The Larksworth Group work in partnership with organisations where optimum management of real estate assets and liabilities is critical to business effectiveness and profitability.

The Larksworth Group provide management resources to maximise the rental and capital performance of clients assets including property management, estate management, personnel and payroll services, investment & asset management.

Our Story

The Larksworth Group was founded by Stuart Richman who formed the company in January 2002 after obtaining over thirteen years experience in a Plc environment.

During his former employment, Stuart was part of a team of four surveyors on all asset management matters as well as advising on acquisitions and disposals, reporting at board level manageing a £200m portfolio. He developed and implemented a clear asset management strategy and business plans for his team and assets. 

He was responsible for successful management the financial performance of assets, the groups including detailed discounted cashflow analysis and investment appraisal, with quarterly presentation to the board and controlled the a review and expiry programme of the portfolio with consistent out-performance of valuation benchmarks. .